Podcast episode #9 – Behind the scenes of Studio Longboard

Behind the scenes of Studio Longboard

Did you know that Studio Longboard was more or less started at a party? Or which skating discipline the owner of Studio Longboard – Sergej Schwarzkopf – likes most? How come that Linda and Paul are on the podcast and what are their skate-stories?

This episode, we reveal the story behind Studio Longboard and of the people being connected to it. Sergej tells us about his life and how skating helped him after moving from Kazakhstan to Germany when he was a teenager. And also about his journey from having a well-paid job at a big company to making his dream come true and own a skateshop and recording studio.

Paul and Linda are both skaters, but their journeys, experiences and interests in skating differ quite a bit. Even more interesting to hear about their stories. Enjoy listening to this great interview in a very familiar atmosphere and make sure you’ll get to the surprise Q&A at the end! 

Studio Longboard
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