You want your longboard or skateboard to ride long and fast and always serve you well? Then you should take good care of it accordingly. Especially if you often ride it in bad, wet weather or even through the rain, you need to clean and maintain it after your ride.
In this video we show you how to do it and what you should pay attention to.

Brandon is not only pro-rider sponsored by many great Longboard brands like Paris Trucks or Powell Peralta, he is also the brand manager of Moonshine MFG and one of the most famous longboarder on social media like Instagram and TicToc.

In this interview Linda and Paul are talking with Brandon about how he came to Longboarding, how he became a pro-rider and about his life as a longboarder and his former and current projects.

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Downhill trucks that don’t turn? Freeride setup too twitchy?

Voxter’s unique co-planar bushing layout provides a stable center without compromising on lean or turn.

We are glad to inform you that from now on we have added the brand Valkyrie with their famous Voxter Trucks to our portfolio. From now on Studio Longboard is the official Valkyrie dealer for Germany and Europe.

Valkyrie come from the USA and manufacture precision trucks in downhill/freeride and slalom skateboarding with the highest quality materials and the tightest tolerances where it counts.

Nach 2 Jahren Entwicklung hat die Marke BAMBAM Skate neue Slide-Handschuhe auf den Markt gebracht. Nach 10 Prototyp-Stadien kombinieren die neuen Handschuhe neue Materialien mit herausragenden Eigenschaften.

Eine einfache aber solide Gestaltung des Handschuhs in super bequemen Leder-Stoff-Hybrid hat neue langlebige Micro-Pucks an den Fingerspitzen. Auch der Knöchelschutz wurde erneuert und zusätzlich haben die Handschuhe einen oberer Fingerschutz (Tigerclaws) bekommen.

Neben den „Next Gen“ Handschuhen haben wir auch die Harry Clarke World Champ Edition und die beliebten Leather Slide Gloves wieder auf Lager.

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