Sergej Schwarzkopf

Sergej Schwarzkopf aka m_phaze – electronica, deep house, downtempo and more


Born in Kasachstan in 1976 and moved to Germany in 1990. Owner of Studio Longboard since 2014.

As I came to Germany it didn’t take long I started to play in bands. First I was a drummer in a russian pop cover band. Then I started to play guitar and in 1994 I’ve founded my first band named „View“. Being singer, songwriter and guitar player in this band gave me a lot of experience. We were producing and recording albums and were touring a lot. In 2003 I came back to play drums in a reggae band. In the same time I’ve started to produce electronic music. In 2014 I took a great opportunity to start my own business with a skateshop and recording studio under one roof. Studio Longboard was born. After 5 years of setting up and growing the recording studio and the skateshop, I finally came to a point to found my own record label.