Sergej Schwarzkopf


Sergej Schwarzkopf aka m_phaze – electronica, deep house, downtempo and more


Born in Kasachstan in 1976 and moved to Germany in 1990. Owner of Studio Longboard since 2014.

As I was a kid, my parents asked me If I’d like to continue with piano class after one year, I decided to cancel but not because I didn’t like to play music, I just wanted to feel free to play what I love and not what people were forcing me to do. Sometimes I really regret this decision, by wishing to be good at piano… As I came to Germany it didn’t take long I started to play in bands. First I was a drummer in a russian pop cover band. Then I started to play guitar and in 1994 I’ve founded my first band named „View“. Being singer, songwriter and guitar player in this band gave me a lot of experience. We were producing and recording albums and were touring a lot. In 2003 I came back to play drums in a reggae band. In the same time I’ve started to produce electronic music. In 2014 I took a great opportunity to start my own business with a skateshop and recording studio under one roof. Studio Longboard was born. After 5 years of setting up and growing the recording studio and the skateshop, I finally came to a point to found my own record label…

Rückstoss zur Erde (single)

Eternal Dream (single)

Eternal Dream Sergej Schwarzkopf

Swing Virus (single)

Tension (single)

Tonstudio Blog

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Now it’s time to talk about Long Distance Skateboarding. This episode is gonna be split in two parts. In the first part Linda and Paul talk with our local LDP expert and experienced skater Yannick about the basics of Long Distance Pushing and Pumping (LDP).

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In this podcast episode we’re excited to have Shiran Habekost as an interview partner. Shiran is not only a skater, who knows the skateboard scene since the 1980s and has founded some skate stores and skateboard brands in Hamburg. As he is part of quite a few national and international skateboarding clubs and associations for many years, he became an expert in structures of skateboarding.

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Betriebsurlaub vom 26. September bis 2. Oktober 2020

In der Zeit vom 26. September bis zum 2. Oktober bleibt das Studio Longboard (Skateshop und Tonstudio) geschlossen. Bei Onlinebestellungen wird sich die Lieferzeit entsprechend verlängern. Vielen Dank für das Verständnis

Die Audio Trickkiste – Teil 4 „Der Lautsprecher“

Der unkonventionelle Einsatz von Audiogeräten – von Florian Rosnau Lautsprecher und Mikrofone dienen zur Wandlung von Schall zu elektromagnetischen Schwingungen, jeweils in unterschiedliche Richtungen. Da sie vom Prinzip her den gleichen Aufbau haben, kann man sie auch umgekehrt nutzen: das Mikrofon wird zum Lautsprecher und der Lautsprecher zum Mikrofon.  Das lässt sich prima beim Recording […]

Die Audio Trickkiste – Teil 3 „Autopan mal anders“

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