Teamrider Linda introduces herself

Teamrider Linda introduces herself

Hey there, my name is Linda and my start on a board was relaxed cruising on a penny board at the seafront on the south coast of England. After 6-7 years of rolling from A to B, I found out about longboard dancing in May 2020. I watched a few videos and, at the wonderful age of 29, directly had the thought: I want to do that too!

Since autumn 2020 I’ve been a team rider for Studio Longboard and I’m not only still busy practising dancing and freestyle (it looked easier in the videos!), but I also like to try everything else: Park and freestyle skateboarding, downhill, surf skating…. 

Also I have a lot of fun hosting the Studio Longboard Podcast with my fellow team rider Paul. Actually, I got into it because my English is quite reasonable, but hey – it seems like a fit as I am still on it. 

After first trying out second-hand boards, my current dancing board is the Sydney by BTFL with 180mm Paris Trucks and 65mm wheels by Orangatang wheels.

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