Episode #14 – International Longboard Dance & Freestyle Federation

The topic of this podcast episode is the foundation of the International Longboard Dance & Freestyle Federation (ILDFF). Our guests Simon and Werner who are developing this project are talking about the mission of ILDFF to support and grow the community and to make the sport more popular.

Having a lot of experience in organizing contests and knowing very good the needs of the community, Simon and Werner (as well as the other current members of ILDFF) came up with the idea to bring all the unwritten rules and regulations from different contests into a written form. They have used the pandemic by creating a first rulebook for longboard dancing including guidelines on competition formats, scoring mechanisms, specifications of materials and safety measures.

At this point they’re presenting the first draft of the rulebook to the worldwide community and collecting the feedback. They have also launched the official ILDFF website, where you can request the rulebook and learn more about the missions of the federation.

Listen to this episode to find out more and check the website of ILDFF. If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to us or to Simon and Werner directly.

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