10 Years Rocket Longboards

What’s new in the anniversary downhill line up?

Rocket Longboards are made in the heart of the Swiss Alps. What once started as a one-man company no consists of four people. Every single board is still handcrafted from start to finish. By using only certified wood and the best reinforcing fibers, innovation is one of the main goals of Rocket. All boards are CNC machined and fulfill the highest quality standards.

The new anniversary line up will be released March 23rd 2023.

All downhill boards got a new graphic which symbolizes how Rocket has grown up after 10 years.

All small race boards have additional front wheelbase options which gives you the opportunity to stand as close to the front truck as possible. This makes each board more agile and responsive.

10th anniversary graphics

All new downhill boards come in a maple/carbon construction. Over the past years it has shown tat this is the most reliable recipe that Rocket has ever developed. The boards are stiff, responsive and very durable giving the riders a longer skate experience for their money. A little additional information for all nerds: Rocket boards are pressed with epoxy resin instead of wood glue. This special resin is designed to partially soak into the wood during heated pressing. This makes the whole wood core more impact- and moisture-resistant. This core is sandwiched between carbon fibers, glass fibers, and an embossed ABS film at the bottom as a finish. This film is screen printed from the back, protecting the graphics. Of course, a layer of clear coat at the end ensures a clean seal.

Antoine Carlotti’s pro model Leon is the best do-it-all board. Like a chameleon, it adapts perfectly to its surrounding. Whether in an urban environment or on mountain roads, the Leon has everything it needs to increase your dopamine level.

The Hades has received its 4th refresh. Now it’s better than ever. The perfect race board for taller riders an those with bigger feet.

More information will follow in the next weeks, till then you can check our stock of Rocket Longboards.

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