Podcast Episode #11 – Hamburg Longboard Open 2021

In this special episode we talk about the Hamburg Longboard Open 2021, which is a Longboard Dancing and Freestyle contest organized by AWHOU! and Skateboard eV Hamburg. Linda and Paul interviewed some people at the aftershow skatesession, like judges, participants and winners as well as the organizers of the event. In the conversations you can feel the happy atmosphere and how glad everyone is that the contest could take place again after a long break.

Interview partners:

Simon Arsenidis , Olivia Berger, Deborah Keser, Sergej Schwarzkopf, Bram Alferink, Christopher Graham, Philipp Baumann, Anastasia Kuzina, Tobias Seifert, Marshall Brettschneider, Christopher Weggler

Picture by Jeff Spörri

Studio Longboard