The Californian brand HAMBOARDS is building Shortboard/Longboard Surfskates and LandPaddling SUP-Skates. We’re glad to have some of the models in stock right now. Choose between Pescadito 43″ as Shortboard-Surfskate, Logger 60″ or Classic 74″ as Longboard Surfskate/LandPaddling-Board. The Logger and Classic give a real feeling surfing an a (Surf)Longboard. You can even practice some stand-ups on them. The Classic is also awesome for doing some SUP LandPaddling.

This one could be also interesting for you. The Pogo TT Soulcruiser is also a long-version Longboard, which gives you not only a surf-feeling by cruising around with it. It’s also possible to dance on it or even do some freeride runs down the hills.