Podcast episode #8.1 Interview with Yannick Freundel

Now it’s time to talk about Long Distance Skateboarding. This episode is gonna be split in two parts. In the first part Linda and Paul talk with our local LDP expert and experienced skater Yannick Freundel about the basics of Long Distance Pushing and Pumping (LDP). In the second part, which we’re going to release later this month, we have a special guest from the USA, Calleigh Little. She is on the executive board of the Skate International Distance and Supercross Association (IDSA) and she is also the first transgender athlete, who crossed the United States on a longboard.

And now off to the basics of LDP. Have fun listening

By the way, since there will be a lot of technical details about the special „pumping setups“, Yannick has written a post „I want to pump“ for you, in which he has summarized the essentials.

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