#5 – Interview with Jeff Vyain from Pantheon Longboards

Interview with Jeff Vyain the Owner of Pantheon Longboards

Studio Longboard Podcast in cooperation with Draft Train Media

In this Studio Longboard podcast we talk about skate- and longboarding communities and all the different styles of skateboarding. We do interviews with professional riders, manufacturers and other interesting people in skateboarding and longboarding scenes.

Pantheon is a Longboard brand from Colorado, United States.

The brand Pantheon Longboards is specialized on distance and downhill boards. The ingenious design of the boards, especially the double drop boards, makes them so special and very successful. Whoever has ridden a Pantheon board will immediately notice the difference.

Jeff tells Paul and Felix from Draft Train Media how he came to skateboarding and board design and what and who is behind Pantheon Longboards. He answers all your questions you sent us on Instagram and explains the subtle differences between the different decks. You will also learn a lot about the philosophy of the Pantheon Longboards, the process of creating new boards and what new designs will be coming in the future.

Have fun listening!

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