#3 – Interview with Deborah Keser

Podcast Episode 3 - Interview with Debborah Keser

In this episode of Studio Longboard Podcast we talk with Deborah Keser from Cologne, Germany about how she came to Longboard Dancing and her life as professional longboard rider and designer at BTFL boards.

Debby has won the Hamburg Longboard Open 2019. She is also a two-time winner of the World Cup „So, You Can Longboard Dance“ (2014 and 2016). Deborah rides for the longboard brand „Simple“ and is a designer at BTFL-Longboards. In summer 2020 she visited Hamburg for giving skate lessons in Longboard Dancing.

Since she already started skating in 2009, she has a lot to tell about the creation and growth of the Longboard Dance and Freestyle scene, especially in Cologne but also in Germany and Europe.

The interview was held by Linda Bull and our team rider Paul Höppner from Draft Train Media. This podcast episode was recorded by Sergej Schwarzkopf at Studio Longboard

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