Okozo Longboard Bags – new in our portfolio

Brand-new 2 in 1 travel solution for all longboarders and their board, made out of recycled materials.
Okozo Bags are developed to carry your board protected in a handy backpack while also being able to transport your personal belongings.

Griptape is the best when you’re skating and the worst when you’re not. It will ruin your clothes, your skin and everything else it touches. That’s why the bag is equipped with replaceable griptape protection. If you want to skate your longboard, you can minimize the bag to daypack size. There’s a separate compartment for your board, keeping your other stuff clean. You’ll easily fit your laptop, your bottle, an extra pair of shoes and everything else you need for the day.  Chest strap & hip belt ensure perfect distribution of weight over your body. To fix your board pull everything together so that your bag is neat and tidy, make sure that your longboard doesn’t wobble all over the place. Top zip fully protects your board.

One of the main goal of the brand is to do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. Okozo has a strong focus on sustainability using recycled/upcycled (marine) plastics as materials and shorter delivery routes producing in Europe. Existing, sustainable materials are great in a longboard bag using PET bottles collected from the sea and turned into renewable plastic. Same goes for the protection fabrics, which is upcycled Tarpaulin from industrial production waste. With partners SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, based in Spain and Portugal and X-Pac, known from sailing sports which have great quality and durability okozo is producing super rugged and ecological friendly longboard bags.

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