Review: Powell Peralta Yellow (80a) Kevin Reimer 72mm wheels

by Paul Höppner

Have you ever wanted a very slidey but still sharp lipped wheel that has some edge grip? You’ve come to the right place.

The yellow Kevin Reimer model is definitely the slipperiest out of all the KRimes. You can grip some corners because of the shape of the wheels, but once they get sliding, these things go! They have a skin that is very easy to break through, but which gives you a bit more grip at the beginning of the life of the wheel. It took me around 10 big stand up heelsides to break the wheels in completely.

I’ve used them on a small slalom setup (130mm Valkyrie Slalom mk3 trucks) and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had on it, doing stand up slides. From what I heard, my friends are really enjoying them on wider trucks as well.
If you compare them to snakes, I would say they are more slippery once they get sliding, but you have to kick them out a bit more. The wheels do feel a bit harder than the 75a KRimes variations, but it’s not that noticeable. They still do great over rough pavement (sidways and rolling)

They are super durable, I’ve been skating them almost every day for 3 weeks, and they only lost around 3-4mm.

This is NOT the wheel to skate on open roads since they have little to no stopping power.
This IS the wheel if you want to do big stand-ups on narrow boards.
I can recommend them a lot if you think your green KRimes are too grippy or just want to do longer slides.

Yellow Kevos/ Valkyrie Slalom mk3/ Pantheon Mitty Pro

Powell Peralta wheels at Studio Longboard Skateshop:

Studio Longboard
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