Valkyrie Mk3.5 Slalom Trucks

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Valkyrie Mk3.5 Slalom Trucks

Valkyrie Mk3.5 Slalom Trucks – Valkyrie cranked up the responsiveness and grip of downhill trucks. MK3 DH Slalom trucks consist of the tried and true Mk2 DH Slalom rear (R3mm rake) paired with a revolutionary new front truck design.

The dual-pivot design of the front truck fully prescribes the movement of the hanger, allowing to get creative with how bushings are used: they’ve created interchangeable stainless steel bushing seats that allow them change the response from your bushings.

Two front base angles are available at 49° and 45°. The 45° can be an excellent choice for pairing with decks that have wedge built in.

Hangers are made from super strong Aluminum 7075-T6 and paired with heat treated 17-4 stainless axles. The bases and arms are cut from 6061-T6 and have undergone extensive cycle testing and real-world skating to ensure the connection between them won’t develop slop overtime, as long as the screws are set to proper torque.

The open seat platform allows the use of wide bushings, like RipTide Chubbies, Fatcones (run either way!) and Venom Kegs. These ship with 87a and 90a RipTide Tall Fat Cones for the front truck, and either 93/96a (30° & adjustable base) or 96/96a (15° base) tall krank barrels in the rear.

Axle spacers are stainless so they won’t deform but also provide protection against corrosion. A Milspec kingpin offers shorter threads to avoid chewing up your bushings, and a flippable CNC turned cupped washer provides excellent support.

Ridiculously durable RipTide WFB pivots support the hanger. Kingpin & axle nuts are grade 8 steel to prevent thread damage over time.

Each kit includes the following:

1x Dual Pivot front truck (45° or 49° base)
1x rear Mk2 slalom rear truck (R3, 15° or adjustable base)
1x truck riser for the rear to make our 15° base the same height as the front (IN BLACK THIS TIME!). 30° and adjustable bases will be slightly higher than the front truck when using the 1/4″ riser.
1 set of spare Arm hardware for the front truck (just in case!)

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Carven, Cruisen, Downhill/Freeride, Freestyle, Long Distance, Pumping, Sliden, Techslide

Baseplate angle

45°/15°, 45°/30°, 45°/adjustable, 49°/15°, 49°/adjustable, 49°/30°

hanger width

115-125mm, 130-140mm


Black, Purple


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