New trucks by Valkyrie – Mk3 DH Slalom

Valkyrie Mk3 DH Slalom Trucks – Valkyrie cranked up the responsiveness and grip of downhill trucks. MK3 DH Slalom trucks consist of the tried and true Mk2 DH Slalom rear (R3mm rake) paired with a revolutionary new front truck design.

The dual-pivot design of the front truck fully prescribes the movement of the hanger, allowing to get creative with how bushings are used: they’ve created interchangeable stainless steel bushing seats that allow them change the response from your bushings.

Hangers are made from super strong Aluminum 7075-T6 and paired with heat treated 17-4 stainless axles. The bases and arms are cut from 6061-T6 and have undergone extensive cycle testing and real-world skating to ensure the connection between them won’t develop slop overtime, as long as the screws are set to proper torque.

Studio Longboard
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