ZENIT Hana 45″ Longboard Dancer Deck


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ZENIT Hana 45″ Longboard Dancer Deck

ZENIT Hana 45″ Longboard Dancer Deck is offered in two different flex patterns, the Hana’s majestic aesthetic is matched by its riding potential. The functional grab rails don’t only add beauty, they help you grab the board while performing hand tricks.

The XTRA-flex has a springier bounce to it that deepens carves and makes dancing more playful. Although lighter riders might prefer this flex, the board can still comfortably withstand riders up to 200lbs.

The REG-flex has a similar flex pattern to what’s on all our other boards. While it’s still flexible, the construction keeps the board robust enough to withstand riders of up to 300lbs.
Length: 114.3cm / 45″
Width: 24.1cm / 9.5″
Wheelbase:72.4cm / 28.5″ – 72.4cm / 30.5″Construction:

The harmony between the board’s edges, grab rails, and griptape is eye-catchingly ornate. The XTRA-flex offers a playful ride for lighter riders or people looking for a bouncy board, and the REG-flex offers a more robust yet still forgiving flex.

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REG-Flex, XTRA-Flex


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