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Alternative Longboards Ostrich

Genieße mit dem Ostrich den uneingeschränkten Spaß auf einem außergewöhnlichen Longboard-Deck zu fahren. Wenn Du nach einem vielseitigen Longboard suchst, das Dir den nötigen Platz bietet, um eine Vielzahl von Tricks, Tanzbewegungen und Grabs auszuführen, ist das Ostrich möglicherweise die richtige Wahl für Dich

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Das Ostrich ist die kleine Schwester des Karoo’s. Bestens geeignet für moderne Dance und Freestyle Moves.
Steile Kicks, eine optimale Standfläche und eine Sidewall um das Board vor Einschlägen zu schützen.

  • Sidewall Protection Yes
  • Length 115 cm / 45.28″
  • Width 22 cm / 8.66″
  • Wheelbase 75 – 79 cm / 29.52 – 31.1″
  • Concave 8.28 mm / 0.32″
  • Rocker 5 mm / 0.19″
  • Kicktail 23.4 mm / 0.92″
  • Flex Medium, Soft
  • Purpose Dancing, Freestyle

As the smaller sibling of the Karoo, the Ostrich offers a bang for your buck with a supple and light wood core
surrounded by hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of carbon fiber that create an ample vibration dampening
and the right strength to flex ratio to fit all your longboarding needs.
With a fat bottom base that extends outwards through the whole length of the board and slightly narrows at the front and side edges,
the Ostrich offers big wheel wells so you can pair it with your favorite longboard trucks and wheels.
For longer lasting fun, its sandwich construction is additionally reinforced with protective ABS sidewalls that enclose
the wheel wells and kicktails, as well as an added layer of ABS on the nose and tail for improved durability.
With a top-mount truck mounting, the Ostrich offers a stable, yet comfortable ride while giving you a more direct board response.

The symmetrical shape of the Ostrich offers a total length of 115 cm (45.28 inches) and a width of 22 cm (8.66 inches)
with variable wheelbase options ranging from 75 cm to 79 cm (29.52 inches – 31.1 inches) for a customised ride
based on your personal preferences. Its spacious platform, that rides equally well in both ways,
makes it perfect for tricks and spins where you land in switch. To support your freestyle endeavors,
the design of the Ostrich also features a comfortable rocker concave with higher kicktails compared to its predecessors for
secure foot placement and massive pop. This longboard deck is available in two flex options.

Set in nature’s wilderness in a post-apocalyptic time, a family made a small junkyard their home.
Despite the odds, each family member strives for the future in their individual way.
They will not surrender to their daily struggles, yet they will do what it takes to carry on.
With the passing of knowledge from elders to juniors our community strives. Straight, simple and with the perfect measure,
the Ostrich lets you own your style and experience an everlasting spark of curiosity of what has yet to be achieved.

The Alternative Ostrich Longboard Deck was designed to accommodate the needs of longboard dancing and freestyle riders.
With a symmetrical shape and a stable platform, it also provides the optimal features to boost your skills and make learning
new tricks or dancing moves easier and more enjoyable.


  • Symmetrical shape with top-mount truck mounting
  • Wide platform for a comfortable ride no matter your shoe size
  • New lightweight core construction
  • Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
  • Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
  • ABS impact protection sidewalls on the board’s ends and wheel wells with an added layer on the nose and tail
  • High kicktail design for better pop
  • A mellow concave for good board feel Rocker for easier edge-to-edge transitions
  • Soft or Medium flex pattern for improved energy return during carving
  • Best used for Longboard Dancing and Freestyle
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Handmade in Poland, Europe Graphic art by Tomasz Lesniak

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Carven, Cruisen, Dancing, Freestyle, Pumping, Techslide


Medium, Soft


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