TIMBER Flamingo V3 Longboard Deck


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TIMBER Flamingo V3 Longboard Deck

TIMBER Flamingo V3 Longboard Deck is with its almost 49” in length, a dancerboard to be reckoned with. Although it has a narrow feel to it, due to its narrowness in comparison to its size, it won’t tip over when you carve really hard. For those who liked the classic dancing longboards this board is a blast from the past. We’re not saying the Flamingo is outdated because it is crafted with modern materials and techniques and can hold its own in a freestyle battle.

The Flamingo is a true dancer longboard and is ideal to practice your cross steps on. Which can be enjoyed to its fullest on a sunny boulevard.

Length: 123 cm / 48.4”
Width: 23 cm / 9.05”
Wheelbase: 80 cm – 83 cm / 31.5” – 32.7”
Main Use: Dance/Freestyle
Mounting of trucks: Topmount
Kicks: Double Kicks
Drop in deck: None
Flex: Flexy, medium & stiff

New features:

– Slight camber for more energy return in the carves
– Amazing flex pattern
– Strong radial concave
– Dancergrip
– Concave in the kicks
– Angled (rockered) truck mounts for more turn with less lean
– Updated, lighter lay-up
– Carbonfiber reinforced kicks
– Extra layer of bamboo on the bottom of the kicks for longer wear times.

Medium flex, good for 50-80Kg With 50Kg the board will feel stiff and with 80Kg it will be pretty flexy. If you’re round 80Kg and want to do tricks, go for a stiff.
TIMBER Flamingo V3 Longboard Deck

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Flex, Medium, Stiff


Carven, Cruisen, Dancing, Freestyle


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