SEISMIC Speed Vent 85mm 77a Bubblegum


Price per 2 Wheels! (quantity = 2 needed for a full set of four wheels)

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SEISMIC Speed Vent 85mm 77a Bubblegum

SEISMIC Speed Vent 85mm 77a Bubblegum Defcon formula for explosive speed and rebound with smooth, predictable grip-to-slip. Please note this is a high performanceformule, it is less durable than the BlackOps (if you don’t need the maximum performance and want a more durable wheel, please go for the BlackOps formula.

77A DefCon Bubblegum (Pink)

The Seismic Speed Vent in 85mm is one of the largest and fastest wheels on the market. With it’s large diameter, but narrower width it has very little rolling resistance and can charge over even the roughest pavements. Being so large, it might chatter a bit for sliding or DH runs, so its more suited for rolling long distances or straight roads.

Diameter: 85 mm.
Width: 52mm
Contactpatch: 50mm
Core position: Offset
Durability: 77a DefCon
Color: Bubblegum pink

(Set of 2)


Available durometers:

75A Clear Blue
77A Clear Purple
77A DefCon Bubblegum (Pink)
79A BlackOps Purple
78A Defcon Mango (Orange)
80A DefCon Mint (Green)

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Carven, Cruisen, Downhill/Freeride, Long Distance, Pumping, Slalom


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