PANTHEON Stylus 149mm TKP-Truck


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PANTHEON Stylus 149mm TKP-Truck

PANTHEON Stylus 149mm TKP-Truck was designed from the ground up to be a longboard truck. It’s not a “street truck” adapted for longboards. It is a longboard truck made for carving excellence, control, grip, and precision. Sure, you can stick this on a street deck and even get away with grinding some coping. But if you’re going to grind on curbs, you’ll sadly be carving into your kingpins in no time. That is because Pantheon focused these trucks on designing a perfect fit and performance for our longboards, with no compromises made to this number one goal.

Width: 149mm
Height to Center of Axle: 55.75 mm
Bushing Height: 0.6 inches, 92a
Weight: 397g each


Plug Barrel board side bushing
Faced Hangers
Hollow Axles
Hollow Kingpin
Extremely Straight Axles
Full Size 0.6″ Longboard Bushings
Pressure Casting (very strong)
Medium-Low Ride Height
Light Weigh

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Freeride, Carven, Cruisen, Pumping, Vertskaten



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