PANTHEON Hoku 102mm 74a Wheels


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PANTHEON Hoku 102mm 74a Wheels

PANTHEON Hoku 102mm 74a Wheels are light for their size and still quite hefty unless you’re used to riding wheels this large! Choose the Hoku when weight and ride height is less important than maximum roll speed over less than perfect pavement and extended momentum. The large diameter will even out road bumps and debris, and at 10mm larger than our 92mm Karma wheels, they will increase the ride height by 5mm. Getting them going requires more power, but they hold momentum like nothing else!

No expense was spared making these wheels the absolute jammy jam.  A deeper flex channel on the inside lip provides extra edge flex needed for this larger diameter. A relatively small 52mm contact patch both keeps the weight down while also providing consistent grip that can be counted on. The Hoku are the lightest wheels in their size category, featuring 55mm lightweight custom core and just the right amount of urethane and in the right shape to get the job done.

Diameter:  102mm

Width: 56mm

Contact Patch: 52mm

Weight: 326g each

Pantheon Hoku Wheels are a product of working directly with one of the world’s best competitive distance skateboarders, Adam Ornelles. Adam helped us hone the 92mm Karma wheel, but even though he loves those Wheels, he still wants to compete in races on even larger Wheels, and that’s when the 102mm Hoku Wheels come into play.

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