PANTHEON Eternal Ember Summit Series Longboard Deck


PANTHEON Eternal Ember Summit Series Longboard Deck

The Eternal Ember is a new remake of one of Pantheon’s most popular boards ever – the Ember. Designed as a double drop commuter longboard, the Ember is made Eternal by combining with the Summit Series construction. For added fun, Pantheon has added kicks on both sides, and has simplified the geometry a little bit by stretching out the drop pockets. What’s left is a fun, nimble commuter board that can handle the elements, no matter what the riding conditions. Designed around TKP trucks just like its predecessor, the Eternal Ember is a whole lot of fun with a zero hassle construction.

The Summit Series construction defines the new Ember. Wrapped in a urethane sidewall with urethane truck inserts and covered in fiberglass, the Eternal Ember is completely waterproof and ready to handle the elements, no matter where you’re skating. Lightweight, low and nimble, this deck will make a perfect commuter deck in any situation. It’s a board you can rely on regardless of the season.

The ideal setup for the Eternal Ember will include 149mm street trucks (TKP style) and 85mm wheels.

Length: 35.5″ (90.17cm)
Width: 9.25″ (23.49cm)
Wheelbase: 25.5″ (64.77cm)
Construction: Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.

Listen to our podcast episode with the founder of Pantheon Longboards Jeff Vyain:

Interview with Jeff Vyain

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