PANTHEON Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck


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PANTHEON Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck

PANTHEON Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck

Go for quality, go for the Pantheon Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck! This is a distance platform, set it up with G-bomb brackets for the ultimate distance performance. Comes with a Length of 23.33 inches and it has a very pleasant nearly flat-concave combined with harsh flares right at the very front of the wings of the board. The shape is cut in such a way that the bracket will curl up right in the front of the notched mounting area, and the wings curl up on both sides which allows you to have a full stopping point for your foot. It offers enough space at the front so you can get maximum power and speed!

Length: 115.1cm / 45.3″
Width: 24cm / 9.45″

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LDP, Carven, Cruisen, Long Distance, Pumping

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