LANDYACHTZ Top Cat 37″ Longboard Complete


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LANDYACHTZ Top Cat 37″ Longboard Complete

LANDYACHTZ Top Cat 37″ Longboard Complete is a rockered, tapered, top mounted drop-deck that destroys any terrain you throw at it. The board is slightly wider at the front than it is at the back to give you lots of leverage over the front Truck. The dropped platform provides a snug pocket for your feet at the ends of the board, and combined with the aggressive rocker, this board is low to the ground which makes it stable and easy to push long distances.

The concave is very mellow and curves up towards the chamfered edges very gradually. Your feet will have a nice firm contact with the board, leaving you with a secure feeling and lots of confidence when riding.


Length: 94.1cm / 37.05″
Width: 25.1cm / 9.9″
Construction: 100% Canadian Maple.


Trucks: Bear Grizzly Gen 6 155mm 50″
Wheels: Hawgs Plow Kings 72mm
Bearings: Bear Space Balls ABEC 7

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Commuting, Filming, Freeride, LDP, Carven, Cruisen, Long Distance, Pumping, Sliden


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