ALTERNATIVE Ostrich „Men With Panda“ complete


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LUCA Ballar JW complete configurator

Customize your OSTRICH Dancer!

With the help of our product configurator you can create your own OSTRICH dancer. We have made a suitable selection of trucks and wheels, with which you will always have fun and which is at least as good as the original setup.


  • Symmetrical shape with top-mount truck mounting
  • Wide platform for a comfortable ride no matter your shoe size
  • New lightweight core construction
  • Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
  • Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
  • ABS impact protection sidewalls on the board’s ends and wheel wells with an added layer on the nose and tail
  • High kicktail design for better pop
  • A mellow concave for good board feel Rocker for easier edge-to-edge transitions
  • Soft or Medium flex pattern for improved energy return during carving
  • Best used for Longboard Dancing and Freestyle
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Handmade in Poland, Europe Graphic art by Tomasz Lesniak
  • Sidewall Protection
  • Length 115 cm / 45.28″
  • Width 22 cm / 8.66″
  • Wheelbase 75 – 79 cm / 29.52 – 31.1″
  • Concave 8.28 mm / 0.32″
  • Rocker 5 mm / 0.19″
  • Kicktail 23.4 mm / 0.92″
  • Flex:  Soft
  • Purpose Dancing, Freestyle


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Carven, Cruisen, Dancing, Freestyle, Pumping


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