88 WHEELS Viper 70mm 76a Free Ride Wheels


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88 WHEELS Viper 70mm 76a Free Ride Wheels

88 WHEELS Viper 70mm 76a Free Ride Wheels feature the same ultra-supportive core as the Moonwalkers, but offer a completely new riding experience. 88 Wheels took everything people loved about the Mooonwalkers and made them bigger and better! At 70mm they offer higher roll speed, and thanks to the 50mm contact patch you have more thane on the ground giving you epic control of your standies or hands down slides. With a radiused lip on the front and a sharp business end in the back, you get an incredible amount of precision and control in your slides.

Poured in the super popular and speedy 76A Maverick thane, you get a super buttery slide with an in the pavement feel, and these wheels are not only fast but they’ll let you leave cheeky thane lines. To make it super easy to ride and get going out of the box, 88 Wheels have stone ground the surface so they’re already broken in and ready for a good time.

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Downhill, Freeride, LDP, Carven, Cruisen, Downhill/Freeride, Long Distance, Pumping, Slalom, Sliden


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