YOW Surfskate Pipe 32″


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YOW Surfskate YOW Surfskate Pipe 32″

YOW Surfskate Pipe 32″ has an outline which is inspired by the fish surfboards and the design is based on the legendary Lighting Bolt surfboards shaped by Gerry Lopez aka Mr. Pipeline. The classic red ink is now combined with a golden foil layer which covers the lighting and our logo, making this board even more unique. The long wheelbase (18.5”) makes it more stable and helps you draw wider and more fluid lines. It is built with a medium concave that gives enough grip to prevent your feet from moving and mounted with the Meraki (S5) system and 66x51mm 78A (soft) wheels for top precision.

Complete Surfskate
Size: 32″ x 10″ x 18.5″ WB
Trucks: YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver
Wheels: YOW URA 66x51mm 76A RAW White
YOW System: Meraki (S5)
Concave: Performance
Rocker: Tail Rocker

Weight 4.5 kg
Serie Power Surfing Series
Size 32″
System S5 (>50Kg)

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