LANDYACHTZ Battle Axe Bengal 38″ Longboard


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LANDYACHTZ Battle Axe Bengal 38″ Longboard

LANDYACHTZ Battle Axe Bengal 38″ Longboard. Landyachtz longboards are designed to let you explore your environment, no matter what kind of terrain you have in your surroundings. This Board is a drop through longboard that measures 38″ long by 9.4″ wide at the front with a significant taper towards the rear. Its 8 ply maple construction gives it a moderate amount of flex which, combined with its super low ride height and mellow concave, makes it a very stable platform ideal for beginners or riders looking for a fast, comfortable board to commute on. The Battle Axe comes equipped with our flagship 50 degree 180mm grizzly Gen 6 trucks ideal for deep carves and confident cruising. The wheels are 70mm 78a Hawgs Supremes that will keep you rolling fast, gripping hard and cruising over everything in your path.


Length: 97cm / 38.2″
Width: 23.9cm / 9.4″
Wheelbase:69.1cm / 27.2″
Construction: 8-Ply Canadian Maple.

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