Hey there, my name is Linda and my start on a board was relaxed cruising on a penny board at the seafront on the south coast of England. After 6-7 years of rolling from A to B, I found out about longboard dancing in May 2020. I watched a few videos and, at the wonderful age of 29, directly had the thought: I want to do that too!

Since autumn 2020 I’ve been a team rider for Studio Longboard and I’m not only still busy practising dancing and freestyle (it looked easier in the videos!), but I also like to try everything else: Park and freestyle skateboarding, downhill, surf skating…. 

Also I have a lot of fun hosting the Studio Longboard Podcast with my fellow team rider Paul. Actually, I got into it because my English is quite reasonable, but hey – it seems like a fit as I am still on it. 

After first trying out second-hand boards, my current dancing board is the Sydney by BTFL with 180mm Paris Trucks and 65mm wheels by Orangatang wheels.

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Calleigh Little is the first transgender woman who skated across the USA on a longboard. As you can figure she knows a lot about long distance skating and has earned her place on the board of the Skate International Distance and Supercross Association (SkateIDSA) – a non-profit association, that actively promotes skateboard and longboard distance racing. In the second part of episode number 8 of the Studio Longboard podcast she has a lot to tell about her personal skating experience. Together with our local expert Yannick Freundel she shares facts about the long distance scene all over the world with us.

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In this podcast episode we’re excited to have Shiran Habekost as an interview partner. Shiran is not only a skater, who knows the skateboard scene since the 1980s and has founded some skate stores and skateboard brands in Hamburg. As he is part of quite a few national and international skateboarding clubs and associations for many years, he became an expert in structures of skateboarding.

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In this Studio Longboard podcast we talk about skate- and longboard communities and all the different styles of skateboarding. We do interviews with professional riders, manufacturers and other interesting people from the scene.

If you have any suggestions for interview partners or topics, please send us an email at info@studiolongboard.com

The episodes of the podcast will be published on the 5th of each month. We have released 4 episodes so far and the next one will be released on December 5th. This episode will be by far the longest . Our interview partner Jeff from Pantheon Longboards has a lot to tell and report. We look forward to many interesting conversations in 2021. Unfortunately we are not always able to invite guests directly into the studio, so the sound quality is not always the best. But we hope that you can understand everything and have fun listening.

We thank our previous guests: Valeriya Gogunskaya, Deborah Keser, Abuga Aroni, Jeff Vyan and Brandon Desjarlais for their openness and the great conversations.

Studio Longboard Podcast Team: Linda, Paul, Ray, Felix & Sergej