Moin I'm Janosch, 91'er year, team rider since 2021.
Whether with fins or on wheels - longboards have been my great passion for 4 years and over time have become an integral part of my life.
From the 5'11 Hot Buttered Shorty from Australia, to the Danish 7'4 Westwind Minimalibu, to a 2nd-Hand Drop-Through from Arbor, to a Bolero from Bastl Boards, that I can now call my first "real" own Lonboard Dancing Board since 2019. So far to my skating biography.

The pragmatic story behind:
Who doesn't know it - there you have limited time to surf and Poseidon rests just when you need it least! So there I was. In the middle of Portugal in Santa Cruz at the picturesque Atlantic coast, looking at the sea and couldn't find any swell far and wide.
So what to do?
More out of desperation I grabbed a completely shredded board with squeaky axles and crumbling wheels in the hope that I would still get some kind of surf feeling. At that time I didn't know that this decision would change my life and a few days later no other dancing queen than Valeryia Gogunskaya opened the gates to longboard dancing for me. From now on, besides our jobs at that time in a small local surf camp, we spent some time together on boards. That was 2017.

Zurück in Hamburg lernte ich dann schnell die rollende Community kennen, die mich mit unfassbar viel Herzlichkeit aufnahm. Ab dann und spätestens seit Sommer 2020 im Coronapandemie-Zeitalter waren wir unzertrennlich Tag und Nacht gemeinsam unterwegs, schlossen wahre Freund*innenschaften und teilten unsere Passion für‘s Longboard Dancing.

More Adventures are yet to come!

Favorite setup
In the making - mainly fluffy 78A & 60mm/62 mm wheels, so I can move smoothly even on the rough streets of Hamburg.

May 2021

Did you know that Studio Longboard was more or less started at a party? Or which skating discipline the owner of Studio Longboard – Sergej Schwarzkopf – likes most? How come that Linda and Paul are on the podcast and what are their skate-stories?

This episode, we reveal the story behind Studio Longboard and of the people being connected to it. Sergej tells us about his life and how skating helped him after moving from Kazakhstan to Germany when he was a teenager. And also about his journey from having a well-paid job at a big company to making his dream come true and own a skateshop and recording studio.

Paul and Linda are both skaters, but their journeys, experiences and interests in skating differ quite a bit. Even more interesting to hear about their stories. Enjoy listening to this great interview in a very familiar atmosphere and make sure you’ll get to the surprise Q&A at the end! 

Hey there, my name is Linda and my start on a board was relaxed cruising on a penny board at the seafront on the south coast of England. After 6-7 years of rolling from A to B, I found out about longboard dancing in May 2020. I watched a few videos and, at the wonderful age of 29, directly had the thought: I want to do that too!

Since autumn 2020 I’ve been a team rider for Studio Longboard and I’m not only still busy practising dancing and freestyle (it looked easier in the videos!), but I also like to try everything else: Park and freestyle skateboarding, downhill, surf skating…. 

Also I have a lot of fun hosting the Studio Longboard Podcast with my fellow team rider Paul. Actually, I got into it because my English is quite reasonable, but hey – it seems like a fit as I am still on it. 

After first trying out second-hand boards, my current dancing board is the Sydney by BTFL with 180mm Paris Trucks and 65mm wheels by Orangatang wheels.

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Calleigh Little is the first transgender woman who skated across the USA on a longboard. As you can figure she knows a lot about long distance skating and has earned her place on the board of the Skate International Distance and Supercross Association (SkateIDSA) – a non-profit association, that actively promotes skateboard and longboard distance racing. In the second part of episode number 8 of the Studio Longboard podcast she has a lot to tell about her personal skating experience. Together with our local expert Yannick Freundel she shares facts about the long distance scene all over the world with us.

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Today we’ve received the first delivery of the 2021 edition of the brand BTFL boards. BTFL stands for beautiful which does not mean that graphics are more important than a good setup. BTFL understands how to offer good quality with beautiful designs at an affordable price. In contrast to the manufacturer, we would recommend the boards not only girls. There are certainly also guys who find flamingos or the color pink great or tend to colorful designs than skulls and skeletons 😉
This week we’ve received 5 models (see below). In the coming weeks and months more and more new and old models in a new shine will arrive. Stay tuned