YOW Lakey Peak 32″ Surfskate Complete


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YOW Lakey Peak 32″ Surfskate Complete

The YOW Lakey Peak 32″ Surfskate Complete is crafted for surfskate enthusiasts aiming for a versatile, high-performance board that mirrors the fluid dynamics of surfing. Named after the iconic Indonesian surf break, this model is designed to provide an unparalleled surf-like experience on land.


– Length: 32 inches
– Width: 9.85 inches
– Material: Premium 7-ply Canadian maple for robustness and a long-lasting ride.
– Shape: Wide outline with a medium concave and a nose kick, ensuring stability and control, perfect for performing advanced tricks and maneuvers.
– Wheelbase: 18.5 inches, optimized for a balanced combination of responsiveness and stability.


– YOW System V4 S5 trucks deliver a dynamic surf feel, facilitating deep, smooth carves and the ability to generate speed through pumping.
– Bushings: Soft cone & barrel 92A, providing a blend of responsiveness and stability suitable for various riding styles.


– YOW URA 66x51mm KETCHUP 82A


– ABEC 7 high-precision bearings, delivering a fast, smooth ride with exceptional roll speed.

The YOW Lakey Peak 32″ Surfskate Complete is designed to simulate the sensation of riding a wave. Its size and shape make it highly versatile, capable of handling sharp turns, quick cutbacks, and smooth, flowing lines. The setup is ideal for riders looking to improve their surfing skills on land or for those who simply enjoy the surfskate style of riding.

The YOW Lakey Peak 32″ Surfskate Complete is renowned for its excellent build quality and surf-like performance. It’s perfect for riders who want a reliable, responsive board for urban cruising, skate parks, or practicing surf maneuvers on concrete. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to surfskating, the Lakey Peak offers a thrilling ride with an authentic surfing feel.

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