PREDATOR DH6-X Matte Carbon Fullface Helmet


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PREDATOR DH6-X Matte Carbon Fullface Helmet

PREDATOR DH6-X Matte Carbon Fullface Helmet

Der DH6 wird in ONE SHELL SIZE geliefert und ist für die meisten Köpfe von 56 cm bis 61 cm geeignet. Wird mit einem feuchtigkeitsableitenden Sitzkit geliefert, das 2 Wangenpolster umfasst, um einen ordnungsgemäßen Sitz zu gewährleisten. Passend für die Größen XS-LG.

Die Box enthält ein klares und ein braunes Visier, nicht das auf dem Bild abgebildete blaue Visier.

The DH6 comes in ONE SHELL SIZE and will accommodate most heads measuring 56cm to 61cm. Comes with a moisture wicking fit kit of pads including 2 size cheek pads to insure a proper fit. Fits sizes XS-LG.

the box includes a clear and a brown visor, not the blue visor displayed on the picture.

Towards the end of 2012 Predator decided to take a fresh look at the DH6 as if they were starting again and look for areas they could improve. This involved scanning the helmet and imputing it into a CAD program which would better assure them a completely symmetrical shape and tighter interfaces between the working parts. With considerable assistance from an industrial designer, 4 full-size 3D printed rapid prototypes and some high speed test runs, they had the final shape for the 2013 DH6. „Our goal was to keep the DH6’s classic shape and styling, but tweak it with
improved visor fit and action.“ They also decided to design and add a new tool-free visor bolt, increase the field of vision, and reshape the chin vent for better airflow to reduce visor fogging. While most of you will probably not even notice the difference unless you pay close attention, in the end it means a better product, designed by skaters, for skaters.

With all the same features as the classic DH6, but constructed from 100% bi-axial carbon fiber.
This helmet weights 110 grams less than the standard fiberglass edition DH6.
This is the lightest Full-Face downhill skateboard specific helmet on the market.

Weight: 770gr.


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