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PANTHEON Ember V2 Mini Cruiser is the street-skater’s commuter deck designed specifically around 149mm street trucks. Slap some Indys on it and some big ass wheels and you are ready to go! The Ember is tiny. Any skater who can skate a street deck will be very familiar with the stance. There’s plenty of space you need, and nothing extra. Eight plies of Canadian maple hold this sucker together, and for 2018, Pantheon have chosen to laminate the deck using epoxy! This should help increase weather resistance and the longevity of your deck. It also comes gripped with laser cut griptape.

It is the perfect commuter. Easy to push, easy to footbrake, easy to slide, nimble, lightweight, supports huge wheels and thin trucks, which keeps you from kicking the wheels and smashing your face. Though the deck is small, it is nearly ALL platform. Because the deck is specifically designed around street trucks, you get to stand next to the wheels, where you have the most control and leverage.

You can ride it with 80mm Orangatang Kegels, but you can fit 85mm Speed Vents on it, no problem, and 78mm BlastWaves are a great choice as well.


Length: 83.2cm / 32.75″
Width: 21.9cm / 8.5″
Wheelbase: 63.5 cm / 25”.
Construction: Maple.
Gripped: Yes
Drop: 3/4 inch crescent
Rocker: 1/4 inch center weighted


listen to our podcast with the founder of Pantheon Longboards Jeff Vyain:

Interview with Jeff Vyain

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