Lil Plot Granatapfelbaum Anzuchtset


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Lil Plot Granatapfelbaum Anzuchtset

Lil Plot Granatapfelbaum Anzuchtset enthält alles, um erfolgreich deinen eigenen Baum zu züchten:  Anzuchttopf, Anzuchterde, Samen und Anleitung.

Eine super Geschenkidee, mit der deine Liebsten viel Spaß haben werden.

Hergestellt in Finnland


Package contains everything you need to grow your own pomegranate tree inside your home: growing pot, soil, seeds, and instruction booklet.

Made in Finland

When you get our package you are ready to start growing your own tree. Tree growing can be started indoors and some of our trees can be grown inside all the time. The ecological growing box can be used for a long time, so you do not immediately need to move your tree to a new growing box.