Alternative Longboards Patrick Lombardi Pro

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Alternative Longboards Patrick Lombardi Pro

Unleash your adventurous nature and love for adrenaline with your new Fantail longboard deck. Designed to accompany you on your local hills or wherever your longboarding travels take you, the Fantail will surely make you stoked to hop on board as soon as possible.


Length: 93.4 cm / 36.77”
Width: 25 cm / 9.84”

Wheelbase: 62.23 cm – 66.23 cm | 24.5” – 26.07″

  • New lightweight core construction
  • Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
  • Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
  • ABS impact protection sidewalls with an additional ABS layer on the nose and tail
  • A comfortable concave for good board feel
  • Handmade in Poland, Europe
  • Graphic art by Tomasz Leśniak

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Carven, Cruisen, Downhill/Freeride, Halfpipe, Poolskaten, Pumping, Sliden, Techslide, Vertskaten


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