BLURS X Eloise Dörr Bearings ABEC 5

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BLURS Bearings ABEC 5

BLURS Bearings ABEC 5

Our second collection of bearings is pleasant designed by Eloise Dörr, one of the most shinny artists right now in Europe.

Eloise, the young artist & skater from South London has a unique style, draws blobby black silhouette characters, many of which are recreations of skate photos, spots and sessions Eloise has seen and reinterpreted.

These funny & wild characters convey to much of what we think about skateboarding represents & means.

Enjoy the result of the unify the Eloise magic touch and our high quality  guaranty that Blurs gives to every skate product.

-Super Precision Skateboard Bearings


-Designed by Eloise Dörr


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Carven, Cruisen, Dancing, Downhill/Freeride, Freestyle, Halfpipe, Kids, Long Distance, Poolskaten, Pumping, Slalom, Sliden, Streetskaten, Surfskaten, Techslide, Vertskaten


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