BEAR Kodiak 180mm red


Preis für einen Satz, inkl. Holzbox und Bushings.

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BEAR Kodiak 180mm red

The Bear Kodiaks feature the latest in truck technology. Forged hangers and baseplates provide the next level in strength and performance. Precision machined axles eliminate wheel play while an entirely re-designed bushing seat improves the overall feel, stability and responsiveness of your setup. Experience the next level in high performance truck design with the all new Bear Kodiaks. Sold in pairs.


Forged Trucks
Width: 180mm
Baseplate angle: 45°
Color: red
Price is for one truck

Inkl. 3 Sätzen Tall-bushings (90a – 94a), 1 Satz Distanzringe (99a) zur Verwendung von normalen – 15mm – Bushings statt der mitgelieferten Tall-Bushings (19mm)

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Bear Grizzly


Carven, Cruisen, Dancing, Downhill/Freeride, Freestyle, Long Distance, Pumping, Sliden, Techslide


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