88 Wheels – new brand by Pantheon Longboards

The name is an ode to 1980’s pop culture – one of the best times in history for skating, music, and movies. 88 Wheels Co is a coming together of Pantheon Longboards and BOA Wheels. If you’re looking for the right wheels to your next Pantheon boards, these wheels could be the right choice. Three different sizes for different longboard disciplines:

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist moonwalkers_angle-1024x1024.pngThe Mooonwalkers are a premium wheel for longboard dance & freestyle and also serve as a comfortable, great sliding cruiser and freeride wheel. The Mooonwalkers will feel right at home on just about any playful setup, being lightweight, fast, and smooth sliding. And this deserves to be repeated – the core and profile of these wheels will take a beating!

Diameter: 65mm 
Durometer: 78A
Width: 44mm 
Contact patch: 35mm 
Core Position: Centerset 
Lip: Round
Surface: Stone Ground 
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-AttributThe Maverick features a slightly offset lightweight core with an 80mm diameter by 66mm wide fatty hunk of high rebound urethane. They’re speedy in a straight line with tons of stopping power and control in the slide. Co-developed and tested by one of the best and most experienced riders in Australia, Jackson Shapiera, the Maverick has been given the seal of approval.

Diameter: 80mm 
Durometer: 76A
Contact patch:65mm 
Core Position: Offset 
Lip: Round
Surface: Smooth
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-AttributThe McFly is large and in charge! Smooth and on the move! Fast and built to last! With its 86mm diameter and 76a soft, high rebound urethane, the McFly is an ideal wheel for drop through / drop down cruisers and distance boards, supplying superior rolling speed and plushness that will have riders feeling one with the road. These wheels feature an offset core and thick lips with a small radiused edge.

Diameter: 86mm 
Durometer: 76A
Width: 55mm 
Contact patch: 50mm 
Core Position: Offset 
Lip: Round
Surface: Smooth
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